“New favorite candidate?”


“Where do I cast my vote?”

GOOD Magazine

“Wait, what?”


“Have you ever wished there was more talk of climate change in national politics? … If so, then prepare to get excited about the very strange U.S. Senate campaign of  California’s Mike Beitiks.”

“A San Francisco attorney’s guerrilla campaign to succeed Barbara Boxer in the U.S. Senate rests upon a laser-like focus on combating climate change and a hefty dose of sarcastic humor.”

Inside Bay Area

“Beitiks is joking, of course, but he’s also deadly serious.”



“Or as Beitiks puts it: ‘If you look death in the eyes and you don’t laugh, you’re kind of missing the point of life. If you do nothing, you’re also missing the point of life.'”

— In These Times

“Yes, it’s an unconventional campaign slogan, but you can’t say it’s not memorable.”

The Los Angeles Times

“His message is simple. He wants us to live.”


“An “extinction candidate” is running for senate in California.”


“We need that comic relief in between the freaking out.”

— The Lifeboat Hour (45-minute mark)

Beitiks’ platform is singular: Halt government action until climate change is addressed . . . he’s hopeful that his extremely narrow campaign will at least offer consolation to those who fear human extinction, if only by letting them know they’re not alone.

The Awl

Beitiks doesn’t shy away from the fact that his long-shot (longer, really) campaign is designed to draw attention to fighting climate change.

The Sacramento Bee

That guy sounds awesome.

The SEO page was fucking hilarious.

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Representatives of Koch Industries did not return calls.

— The Wichita Eagle