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Welcome! Here are some “SEO” terms and phrases you might have searched for that I have inserted on my site to draw you to my site, even if my site was not necessarily what you may have been looking for. (Feel free to look around while you’re here!)

How can I stop Climate Change?

Who is running for Senate in California in 2016?

Death Prevention

CA 2016 Senate Candidates

How can we not die?

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Why NOT vote for Mike?

Because you truly believe, in your heart of hearts, that our collective human spirit has persisted for millennia – overcome wars, false religions, plagues, oppressive legal systems, intellectual awakenings and natural disasters – just so you can live comfortably for a few more years.

Why Vote for Mike?

If the whole “our children are on ecological death row” argument doesn’t sway you, maybe national defense?

Really, eventually things are going to get so bad that every country will be fighting every other country in an attempt to get some relief from the insanity of our world turning uninhabitable.